Plastic Materials

Acrylic which is also known as Perspex and Plexiglas is the most commonly used product for display and point of sale. It comes in various colours and the thickness of the material ranges from 1.5mm to 50mm depending on availability.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic which is also known as Perspex and Plexiglas is the most commonly used product for display and point of sale. It comes in various colours and the thickness of the material ranges from 1.5mm to 50mm depending on availability. The standard sheet size is 2440mm x 1220mm. There are larger sheets available. We cut to any size. Acrylic is a hard and rigid material that has similar fragility to glass, however, the glass will shatter, acrylic will crack.

Acrylic can scratch easily and should be cleaned using a soft cloth with a mild solution of warm water and dishwashing detergent. It should then be rinsed with cold water and a clean lint-free cloth. You should avoid chemicals, glass spray or other abrasive materials, nor should you use any form of scraper or squeegee or sharp instruments.

Standard Acrylic Sheet is available in Clear from thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 50mm. it is also available in Opal, colours, tints and mirror and these vary in thicknesses. Colours are usually only available in 3mm or 4.5mm thickness.

Acrylic Rods Tube

Plexiglas offers a large range of tubes and round rods for technical and decorative applications including model making, furniture making and luminaries and store fixtures. Tubes can be used as containers under external and internal pressures and can be easily drilled polished or bent. Custom made acrylic tubes can be moulded and joined.

Polycarbonate Sheets Standard Acrylic Sheet

Polycarbonate is also known as Lexan is an ideal general-purpose plastic that can be used for everyday use where there is exposure to outdoor conditions. Polycarbonate sheets are available in clear, opal and tint and are UV protected. This product is ideal in the areas that are subject to high impact. They can withstand higher temperatures than other acrylics and also have the same level of transparency. Polycarbonate sheet is lighter than glass and aluminium and is often used as safety guards and safety glazing. It is easily machinable and much easier to use than glass.  The standard sheet size is 2440mm x 1220mm but we can cut to any size and larger sheets are available.

Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic mirror sheet is lightweight, exceptional surface quality, mirrored sheet available in silver and gold colour. The acrylic mirrored sheets are ideal for use as safety mirrors and signage. Silver mirror standard sheet size 2440mm x 1220mm.

ABS Plastics (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

ABS plastics are a combination of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene resins. ABS possesses outstanding impact strength and high mechanical strength which makes it suitable for hard and durable through a broad range of temperatures. ABS plastics are highly versatile plastics. It bonds well either using adhesive or solvent cement. ABS plastics can be painted, screen printed and chrome plated. ABS plastics extruded into sheets are used extensively for thermoformed, blow-moulded, sheared, sawed and drilled. ABS is available in Gloss and Hair cells finished in both black and white in a sheet size of 2440mm x 1220mm. ABS provides an optimum balance of impact tensile strengths. It features ease of forming, excellent toughness and rigidity and is particularly good for deep draw vacuum forming for products likely to receive abuse in the form of knocks, scuffing and scratching. ABS also has chemical resistance.

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)

HIPS is a cost-effective, lightweight plastic typically used for thermoformed parts. Sheets are stocked in both Black and White satin and a high gloss surface finish. Sheet sizes to suit all fabrication requirements.

Prismatic Diffuser

Prismatic Acrylic (light diffuser) Sheet has a specially designed prism to control the diffusion of fluorescent light in commercial light fittings and displays. The various prismatic patterns lower the brightness levels in the glare zone and direct a greater amount of light in the near-vertical angles. Prismatic sheets are stocked in Clear Acrylic in a choice of 3 distinctive patterns.

Rigid PVC

Industrial (rigid) PVC is designed to meet the robust requirements of the Industrial Fabrication market. The sheet has excellent impact strength even at cold temperatures, superior chemical corrosion resistance and is easy to fabricate, weld and machine. Colours include light grey, white and clear with UV grade also available. A variety of sheet sizes and gauges are available.

Polypropylene Sheet Rod

Polypropylene produces an even greater hardness. This allows the sheet to operate in extremely harsh chemicals and high-temperature conditions. Excellent in areas where corrosive chemicals are used, the non-polar structure of the Polypropylene sheet and rod gives a very high molecular mass. Polypropylene sheets and rods have a high level of stiffness and toughness at room temperature and it does not absorb water, it is good sliding abrasion resistance and is self-lubricating.

HDPE (High density Polypropylene)

High-density Polypropylene plastic is a rigid high tensile strength sheet. The material is sturdy and resists vigorous handling, stabilized against ultraviolet light, is resistant to both hot and cold extremes and it does not absorb water, has good sliding abrasion resistance and is self-lubricating. Items can be custom manufactured to suit any application. HDPE is available in various grades depending on the application and is a full range thicknesses and sheet sizes.

PETG Polyethylene Terephalate Glycon)

PETG is a thermoplastic polyester that provides excellent toughness, chemical resistance and it is easy to thermoform. It offers extreme clarity and light transmission in combination with a high gloss surface finish. PETG fabricates well-using processes like die-cutting, drilling routing, bending and polishing. It bonds easily using solvents or adhesives. With its low forming temperature, PETG can be readily vacuumed and pressure-formed as well as heat bent. PETG is FDA compliant, so can be used in medical and food applications. In medical applications, it stands up to radiation and chemical sterilization techniques without changing colour. PETG sheets have good impact resistance. It is also approved for food contact applications. PETG has outstanding thermoforming properties, short production cycles, extreme draw ratios and good mould reproduction without the need for pre-drying.

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