Products & Services

Explore the variety of solutions that our versatile range of design and manufacture capabilities has allowed us to deliver for our customers.

CNC Routering Services

High-precision tools to manufacture premium-quality plastic products with the utmost detail.

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Design & Prototype

Our team of performance plastic product specialists can design your concept and bring it to life.

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Domes, Skylights & Diffusers

We make a complete range of skylights, plastic domes of all sizes, and light-diffusing covers and panels.

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Custom plastic fabrication is the ideal product if you’re seeking a specific product for various uses.

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a person cutting a piece of metal with a pair of scissors.
Performance Plastic Welding

Our master craftsmen use both freehand and speed-tip welding techniques to deliver outstanding fabrication and repair results.

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Vacuum Forming

We can bring any vision to life by creating unique, customised moulds for your business.

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