High Impact Acrylic

H.I.A comes in a variety of clear, opal, and light grey tints with excellent clarity and impact resistance.

clear plastic sheets.
clear plastic sheets.

H.I.A. – High Impact Acrylic

Many other external applications have been created for this versatile product such as corporate signage, point-of-sale displays, safety windows & safety barriers. The Clear H.I.A. has excellent clarity, impact resistance several times greater than glass, and excellent weather ability. Additionally, it can be easily thermoformed and fabricated into various shapes, providing design flexibility for custom applications.

It is highly resistant to discolouration, yellowing, and hazing, ensuring that it maintains its optical clarity and appearance over time. Whether you need it for signage, protective barriers, or other custom projects, H.I.A. is a reliable and versatile material that can meet your specific needs.


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Specific Gravity (S.G.)


Weather Resistance

H.I.A. will withstand exposure to blazing sun, extreme cold, sudden temperature changes & saltwater spray. Due to the stability of acrylic resins, it will not deteriorate even after years of service.

Chemical Resistance

Acrylics are unaffected by ammonia, diluted acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons and may other chemicals. Acrylics should not be used with chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and ketones.

Colour Range

Clear & Opal


3, 4.5 & 6mm


Acrylics are combustible and must be considered if used as a building material.

Optical Clarity
  • Clear only.
  • Has remarkable clarity where a beam of light falls.
  • Normally on the surface of the acrylic, an overall light transmission of about 90% will be achieved.
Typical Use
  • External Light Boxes
  • Tail Light Lenses
  • Indicator Light Lenses
  • Skylights
  • External Display Signage
  • Light Diffusers
  • Product Display Cases
Sheet Size
  • In all thicknesses the size is 1270 X 2540mm.
  • In most instances, there are oversize sheets and “off the roll” on some of the ranges, ask for further details when enquiring.
Cut to Size
  • We offer a cut-to-size service for all sheet products.
  • We also can radius the corners and also scrape, flame polish OR polish the edges as well
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