Acrylic Mirror

A lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative to traditional glass mirrors, commonly used in a variety of applications.

Acrylic Mirror

A durable vacuum metalising process makes acrylic mirror sheets virtually scratch-resistant during fabrication processes and end-use. Ideal for use where glass is too heavy or may easily crack or shatter, so plastic mirror is a durable alternative to traditional mirrors. For this reason, the acrylic mirror can be used to replace glass for mirrors in schools, yoga or dance studios, hospitals, prisons and jails, homes and anywhere safety is a concern.

In addition to being flexible and shatter-resistant, acrylic is exceptionally lightweight. Approximately half the weight of glass, acrylic is far cheaper to deliver and transport than glass and much easier to install. An entire sheet can be mounted with screws or a suitable adhesive with relative ease.

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Acrylic mirror is ideal for retail, food, advertising, and security applications.

Sheet Thickness & Size
  • 3mm Thick X 1220 X 2440mm (Gold & Silver)
  • 6mm Thick X 1220 X 2440mm (Silver only)

Gold & Silver Mirror

Cut-to-Size Sheet

Can be purchased in full sheets OR we offer a cut-to-size service for Acrylic Mirror panel.

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