High density polyethylene sheets that are specially formulated to weather the requirements of marine and outdoor environments.

White plastic sheet.
White plastic sheet.


Seaboard is a high-density polyethylene sheet formulated to meet the specific requirements of marine and other outdoor environments. In addition, special post-production treatment enhances its ability to withstand the effects of salt water, moisture and direct sunlight. Seaboard is manufactured as a continuous extrusion – it is not press laminated. Thus, it is unconditionally guaranteed not to delaminate during the service life of the end product.

Another key advantage of Seaboard is its versatility in fabrication and customisation. It can be easily cut, routed, drilled, and shaped, providing a wide range of options for custom projects. Additionally, it can be easily coloured or printed on, allowing for branding and design customisation.

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Key Benefits
  • High degree of stability
  • Inertness to marine environments
  • Good flexibility and toughness
Good Dielectric Properties
  • Excellent as a barrier against water vapour penetration
  • UV stabilised to resist direct sunlight degradation throughout
  • UV stabilised Seaboard sheets meet FDA requirements for use in applications where they may come in contact with food
  • All sheets exhibit consistent colour and quality characteristics
Colour, Thickness & Sheet Size
  • Available in White
  • Thickness 6, 10, 12, 15, 19, & 25mm
  • Sheet Size: 2440 X 1220mm
Cut-to-Size Sheet
  • We offer a Cut To Size service for all sheet products.
  • We can also radius the corners.
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