At BCJ Plastic Products, we’re doing our part to provide sustainable solutions.

We actively seek to minimise our footprint and impact on the environment.

Plastic has been part of the development of the world we know today since the early 20th century, from the cars we drive to the planes we board to the smartphones we carry—and more. However, at BCJ Plastic Products, we believe these essential necessities should not come at the expense of the planet.

At BCJ Plastic Products, in everything we do, we seek to minimise our footprint and impact on the environment through an active reduction in the creation of waste, and through reusing or recycling as much of our material offcuts and other waste as practically possible. With over 40 years of operation and experience, we are always finding new ways to make our business more sustainable whilst delivering the quality plastic products our customers, and our society, rely upon.

We always seek to optimise the use of our raw materials, designing products to minimise offcuts and waste, and 90% of the waste plastic material we do produce is recycled back into other plastic fabrication projects, and into new plastic sheets where they are reused for our new projects.

Our focus on minimising waste and reuse does not end with our plastic products, we are active in recycling and reusing much of our general waste, including paper, cardboard products, metal, and other disposable materials.

25 %

Our new products use 25% recycled plastic sheets.

80 %

80% of our packaging uses paper waste.

70 %

We recycle 90% of our plastic waste and turn them into new plastic sheets.

Meet the team at BCJ Plastic Products

Meet the team