Domes, Skylights & Diffusers

Using specialised thermoforming techniques, we make a complete range of skylights, plastic domes of all sizes, and light-diffusing covers.

Plastic Domes, Skylights & Light Diffusers for housing and buildings to bespoke displays.

Using specialised thermoforming techniques, BCJ Plastic Products manufactures Plastic Domes, Skylights and Light Diffusers. These products are designed and crafted with precision to cater to the specific needs of various residential and commercial projects, as well as bespoke displays for a wide range of applications, from retail spaces, events and exhibition to arts projects.

With over 40 years of experience and a commitment to quality, BCJ Plastic Products has become a trusted name in the industry.

Our domes, skylights and diffusers are most commonly made from either acrylic or polycarbonate, and provide a robust alternative to glass, with improved strength, lighter weight, and greater shock resistance.

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A wide-range of effective diffusion of light with high impact resistance.

Light Diffusers

Light diffusers filter and soften light, while protecting the light source and improving the overall appearance of the space. They are widely used in schools, hospitals, office blocks, train stations, prisons, shopping centres and other public buildings. Polycarbonate is typically used for light diffusers because it provides excellent light transmission, combined with heat and impact resistance and diffusion of LED hotspots.


Domes are equally effective light diffusers, but they also have a range of other applications – we have seen them used as eyes for giant mascots, plant holders and fish ponds, including playgrounds, safari parks, surveillance cameras, underwater devices, museum displays, decorations, props, and more. The only limit is your imagination!

The picture is an acrylic dome we did for a job, just by coincidence employee was in the right spot!


Skylights allow you to provide natural light into a home or office space, providing the benefits of light and warmth while lowering the cost of electricity bills because a skylight can reduce heating costs on cold days and lighting costs on sunny days. There’s also that added aesthetic effect of having your room filled with natural light and a view of the sky.

Acrylic is the most common plastic used for skylights, in either clear or opal frosted, but you can also use Polycarbonate if you’re concerned about impact resistance.

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High-quality domes and skylights

At BCJ Plastic Products, we’re well-versed in creating a range of light diffusers, skylights and dome light covers using high-grade plastics. This includes the popular K12 Clear Prismatic Acrylic Light Diffuser, which is often used in an office building to reduce glare in conservatories, shed windows and retail displays.

The cost of light diffusers, skylights and light covers can vary depending on the style and the purpose. If you’re interested in exploring your lighting options, get a quote online today.

Examples of our past domes, skylights, & diffusers

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