Vacuum Forming

Our design capability is matched with the ability to create a bespoke mould that is vacuum-formed to bring your product to life.

We can create a range of plastic products with precise shapes and dimensions.

BCJ Plastic Products have 40 years of experience in vacuum forming, and we currently have three different-sized formers in operation.

Moulding sizes vary from very small objects such as chocolate moulds and small electrical covers, through medium-sized products such as wheel covers and medical trays and to much larger objects used in the automotive industry. Check out the full range in our customer project gallery.

Common materials that are moulded are:

  • ABS: Used for many industrial tray types including patterned trays, and for the production of limestone pavers for pool areas and driveways.
  • ASA: Similar to ABS but UV stabilised & mechanically stronger.
  • High Impact Acrylic: Applications include illuminated Taxi signs as seen on top of Perth’s Taxi’s.
  • Thin Film PETG/VYVAC: Chocolate moulds for the food industry.
  • Polypropylene and Polyethylene (HDPE): For items that are required to be food safe or chemically resistant.
  • Polycarbonate: For items that need to be impact resistant in areas that have high maintenance and vandalism issues, such as playground areas or machinery guards etc.

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We offer complete solutions for pavers and paver mould manufacturing.

At BCJ Plastic Products, we offer complete solutions for pavers and paver mould manufacturing. We have worked closely with some of the country’s largest moulding, paving and stone masonry firms to develop market-leading solutions.

Our team of highly experienced technicians will be able to produce your exact requirements through our customised approach for customers.

We accept all requests no matter the size of the job, shape or material you are in search of. No matter the job we can advise on how to get it done to a high standard.

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