Performance Plastic Welding 

Our master craftsmen use both freehand and speed-tip welding techniques to deliver outstanding fabrication and repair results.

Blue plastic tree sculpture fabrication.
Blue plastic tree sculpture fabrication.

Our highly experienced team weld in PVC, Polypropolene and HDPE to build tanks, planter boxes, and chemical trays, to reinforce bends and to repair cracks and splits.

Freehand Welding

With freehand welding, the jet of hot air (or inert gas) from the welder is played on the weld area and the tip of the welding rod at the same time. As the rod softens, it is pushed into the joint and fuses to the parts. This process is slower than others, but more flexible, allowing it to be used in almost any situation.

Speed-tip Welding

The speed tip welding method is a much faster welding technique and with practice can be used in tight corners. A version of the speed tip “gun” is essentially a soldering iron with a broad, flat tip that can be used to melt the weld joint and filler material to create a bond.

These welding techniques have been perfected over time and have been utilised for over 50 years by professional plastic fabricators and repairers internationally.

At BCJ Plastic Products, we have over 40 years of experience in providing plastic welding services and solutions, give us a call to learn more!

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