Using Plastic to Reduce Cost and Downtime in Industry

Plastics are used extensively in different forms in mining, construction and manufacturing industries. However, the plastics used in these heavy-duty industries need to meet certain quality specifications in order to ensure safety during operations.

From the point of view of the industry, plastics need to meet two main requirements – cost-effectiveness and durability. A plastic product that meets quality specifications, as well as industry requirements, can definitely help cut down the overall costs and downtime in industries.

BCJ is a manufacturer of innovative plastic components and materials that are very useful for a wide range of industrial purposes. Based in Western Australia, BCJ can also design bespoke plastic products to meet the specific requirements of your business.

The current challenges in the industrial sector

One of the biggest challenges that the industrial sector faces is the high operational costs involved in production. The costs involved in replacing steel components that wear out with usage in heavy machinery are very high. So, one way of reducing the overall costs of production and operations is to reduce the costs involved in replacing parts.

BCJ, with more than forty years of experience in manufacturing plastic products, comes up with cost-effective, high quality and durable alternatives to regular steel replacement parts. For instance, we design and produce state-of-the-art sacrificial wear bars that can be used in crushers in the mining industry.

Every plastic product produced by BCJ is designed to highly accurate specifications. High quality plastics used in these products make them durable and appropriate for use in heavy duty industries such as construction, automotive, commercial, domestic and mining.

BCJ custom designs and manufactures these products in Western Australia. We are able to produce high quality products by blending different materials with plastics, and in the process, reducing the expansion and contraction that plastics undergo. As a result, the hybrid plastic becomes suitable for a wide range of industrial uses.

How do plastic products from BCJ help the industry?

The plastic products produced by BCJ can increase the bottom line profitability of different industries. For one, they bring down the cost of production. Secondly, they reduce downtime because the parts don’t have to be replaced very often. A combination of low costs and higher production time translate to greater profits.

Plastic products from BCJ have the potential of ensuring high quality of production. This is possible because with the production costs and downtime low, industries will not have to compromise with the quality of the product. Usually, it has been seen that several industries tend to pick affordability over quality when it comes to choosing replacement parts and materials for production.


Contact BCJ or call (08) 9443 8600 to know more about innovative hybrid plastic products.

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