Education & Training

Working with clients to develop and deliver unique and bespoke designed plastic products for various learning purposes.

Enhance learning experience through bespoke and versatile plastic products.

Plastic products in the education and training industry enhance the overall learning experience, improve safety, and support hands-on training. Their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness make them essential components of educational environments, empowering students and trainees to engage in effective learning and skill development.

At BCJ Plastic Products, we have a team of experienced master craftsmen who utilise a wide range of machinery and techniques to fulfil your requirements. Our capabilities include fabrication, CNC routering, thermoforming, infrared heating, vacuum forming, drape forming and edge finishing. We also have a design service and can work with a client’s design team to achieve the perfect educational product.

The team at BCJ will spend the time to discuss your custom requirements and suggest the best method, material, and process to achieve the result.

Here are some of the useful plastic products we’ve seen being used in the Training and Educational sector. Do you need custom plastic products for your project? Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477.

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Training Simulator Acrylic Monitor Riser Tracing Slopeboards

Training Simulator

In the realm of modern education and training, simulation plays an integral role in preparing people for real-world challenges. Whether it’s training pilots for complex flight manoeuvres, helping medical professionals refine their surgical skills, or preparing military personnel for high-pressure scenarios, simulators offer a safe and controlled environment for honing essential skills.

One WA company that stands out in the field of supporting critical training aid simulators is the TraumaSim Group, providing a bespoke service for creating precise wounds, injuries, medical scenarios, or task trainers according to the unique needs of their clients. BCJ Plastic Products takes great pride in its partnership with TraumaSim, particularly in the joint effort to create this Haemorrhage Control Simulator.

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