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Solution for pavers and paver mould manufacturing.

We offer complete solutions for pavers and paver mould manufacturing.

The team at BCJ Plastic Products have worked closely with some of the country’s largest moulding, paving and stone masonry firms to develop market-leading solutions.

Our team of highly experienced technicians will be able to produce your exact requirements through our customised approach for customers.

We can use many materials and processes to get the exact specifications, quantity and designs you need for your paving moulds. Sit down with one of our experts, review our previous work and let’s create the perfect pavers and paving moulds for your business.

We accept all requests no matter the size of the job, shape or material you are in search of. No matter the job we can advise on how to get it done to a high standard.

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What is a paving mould?

Paving moulds are designed to customer specifications from high-quality plastics and other materials. The moulds make it easy to create fabricated paving stones for use in all aspects of residential and commercial designs.

Being made from quality, highly durable plastics, the moulds can be reused many times across many projects, saving you money on buying paving stones directly. The moulds can be made to any size, shape or dimensions as well, allowing a wide choice in applications and styles.

The ability to make your own pavers allows for beautiful aesthetic finishes and a larger choice in style, design and colours. The finished results also offer enhanced no-slip properties as well as a visually appealing finish.

How long will my mould last and how many times can it be reused?

Our paving moulds can last you many years of new projects due to their high durability and the quality of the materials we use. The lifespan of your paving mould is determined more by how you use and maintain the mould, rather than through the product degrading naturally.
We recommend that you clean and store the mould safely to avoid damaging it. You should also use a release oil to be able to remove your paver filling from the mould easily. Make sure the mould is well supported while you are using it too. By following these steps you can prolong the life of your paving moulds indefinitely and make as many pavers as possible.
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