Display Covers And Cases For Museum Collection

Keeping important cultural artefacts dust-free with an acrylic display case.

One of the most effective ways to teach, inform, and enhance people is to display cultural artefacts. However, no matter how carefully it is done, it is slightly detrimental to the goods being presented. This is due to the fact that it exposes cultural goods to factors that hasten deterioration, such as dangerous amounts of light, temperature, relative humidity, and pollution. Items should ideally be presented in ways that reduce these risks and safeguard them as much as possible. As an important part of exhibitions, display cabinets in museums play a better role.

Check out this feedback from one of our clients:
“Thanks so much to BCJ for our display covers and cases, every one of them custom-made to suit the particular trolley, bench top, item or display in our museum collection. All now safe and secure. We had been searching for appropriate and affordable products to protect our collection for some time Australia-wide, a Sydney company suggested BCJ. Just a phone call and BCJ’s service was efficient and friendly, it was a pleasure to deal with your company, thanks Tim Hartung and colleagues.”


Do you require a display case made of acrylic glass? Our displays can be custom-made to fit the space, shape, storage space and features you need. Get a display personalized or branded with our print customization. Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477 to discuss the custom retail display cases and boxes we can make for you.

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