Baby Bassinet

These Bassinets are polycarbonate sheets that have been dried overnight and then vacuum-formed over a mould to make the shape as seen.

A clear polycarbonate (PC) material is used for the bassinet. This material allows for a seamless design, important for preventing bacteria from living in the warm crevices of the bassinet.

A thermoforming machine melts the PC material to make it flexible, enabling it to conform to the mould. The melted PC is then laid over the mould and a vacuum pulls the PC sheet into place. The bassinet is then cooled and removed from the machine, and the edges are trimmed.

In the plastics industry, polycarbonate sheet is one of the most versatile materials on the market. Used for everything from medical equipment to food processing, polycarbonate has a number of specific benefits that cause them to be a favourite among builders and product manufacturers. Here’s what today’s product manufacturers need to know about polycarbonate sheets, their uses, and their benefits.

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