Custom Plastic Signage: How to Make Your Business Stand Out

When it comes to promoting your business, first impressions are very important. Most of your prospective customers/clients create an idea of your business, its products and services within seconds of stepping into your store. Using custom plastic signage is one of the best ways to capture your customer’s attention and present your business in a professional and interesting way.

Do you require custom plastic signage for your business? BCJ Plastic Products offers a full range of custom plastic signage to help your business stand out and attract more customers. Read on for some examples of plastic signage we’ve recently fabricated for businesses around Perth and the rest of Australia.

Showcase Your Business with Acrylic Poster Holders

A step up from blackboards, poster holders can be placed outside your store for some serious footpath advertising. Made from transparent, scratch-resistant acrylic, poster holders are manufactured using a ‘strip heater’ process to achieve sharp right angles.

The surface is glossy and crystal clear, promising maximum exposure for your advertising material. Use a professional printing service to let your customers and passersby know about anything from coffee and muffin specials to new product launches.

Crystal-clear Acrylic Signage

Almost identical in appearance to glass, acrylic offers incredible strength, durability and optical clarity. Also known as perspex, it’s significantly lighter than glass, which allows for more wall mounting options. Acrylic signage is also stronger and safer than regular glass.

Cast acrylic is especially strong, offering up to 17 times the impact resistance of glass. The material can be router or laser cut for incredible precision, with high-end results for luxury signage at corporate offices and retail boutiques.

Light up Your Facade with LED Acrylic Plexiglass

Ideal for use with LED lights, acrylic plexiglass is durable, versatile and has great aesthetic appeal. Light diffusion sheets are used to install LEDs close to the plexiglass panels without compromising light dispersion.

Brand messaging is carved or laser engraved into the acrylic plexiglass. Finally, LEDs are used to illuminate the signage and create a high-end advertising tool.

Long-lasting Exposure with Polycarbonates

Offering incredible durability, polycarbonate sheets are often used to manufacture external retail signs. Thanks to a UV coating, they can withstand harsh weather without cracking, flaking or yellowing.

For enhanced durability, consider upgrading to High Impact Acrylic (HIA), a popular material for corporate lettering. This is because HIA boasts ultra-stable acrylic resins that stand up against the elements and continue to look fresh year after year. HIA can handle harsh UV rays, salt water spray, battering rain and sudden temperature changes (sound familiar Australia?).

Make a Temporary Statement with Corflute

Fluted polypropylene, also known as corflute, is a durable and cost effective material for temporary signage. It’s often used for real estate signs and at various pop-up events. It’s a great way for food truck owners to advertise their specials or for festival planners to create bold, colourful signage.

You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. UV flatbed printers are also used to create a fade-resistant finish. Corflute is often used to manufacture POS displays, often with custom printing. Another option is foamed PVC, a lightweight and weather-resistant material with a smooth, glossy surface.

Go Big with Aluminium Composite

Lightweight yet durable, aluminium composite features a polyethylene core sandwiched between a pair of aluminium sheets. It’s great for creating large, exterior panels that can be mounted on walls and facades. Advanced printing technology is used to customise signage in full spectrum colour.

With businesses set to reopen in the wake of relaxed lockdown laws, now is the perfect time to revamp your look and attract more customers. To find out more about what plastics are suitable for your signage needs, get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477.

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