8 Useful Plastic Products for the Hospitality Industry

It’s important for the hospitality industry to cut down on harmful plastics, such as straws and plastic cups. However, certain plastic products have proven invaluable to businesses around Australia. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, as bars, restaurants and hotels have been forced to implement new health and preventative measures.

Here at BCJ Plastic Products, we’ve been providing plastic hospitality supplies in Perth and around Australia for years. Here are just some of the useful plastic products we’ve seen being used in the hospitality industry.

1. Portrait Poster Holders

Taking advantage of acrylic’s high malleability, we’ve created portrait poster holders for a range of hospitality businesses. Acrylic’s transparency and high impact and weather resistance make it incredibly useful for outdoor and indoor applications.

Want to display a report of your restaurant or hotel from the local paper? Purchase a portrait poster holder through BCJ Plastic Products. Using a strip heater to fold the acrylic, we can custom-make your holder to fit any size document. It’s also a great way to display photo collages, fake “Wanted” posters or restaurant menus.

2. Sun Lounges

We originally created our sleek, water-safe sun lounges for a gym and wellness area in a boutique apartment complex in Perth. They’re made from white 20-millimetre acrylic, thermo moulded and fabricated with support struts and threaded fixings. They weigh about 55 kilograms and are very durable against the harsh Australian elements.

These sun lounges are an affordable option for hotels needing furnishings for their pool areas or bars wanting a unique form of seating. You can view an example of the sun lounge at our factory in Kewdale, Western Australia.

3. Table Decorations

When it comes to hospitality supplies for restaurants, the right table decorations can often leave a lasting impression on your diners. The Blue Tree in the BCJ Plastic Products office showcases the range of customisation available for your decorating needs.

Using our high-tech CNC machine, we can cut bespoke shapes and images out of a variety of materials. This includes graphic foam board, corrugated cardboard, rubber, cork, felt, aluminium, wood and leather. Not only does the CNC machine reduce waste, it also saves you time and money and provides a precise product.

This process is perfect for hotels and restaurants wanting durable table decorations for events, as well as eye-catching decorations for their guest areas.

4. Conference Equipment

Many hotels and restaurants offer on-site conference facilities for guests and patrons. At BCJ, we can provide a variety of plastic products for your conferencing needs, such as our clear acrylic lectern. Made from transparent acrylic, it offers exceptional strength and durability while adding to your business’s professional and elegant aesthetic.

Acrylic also boasts low moisture absorption, high resistance to chemicals and UV rays, excellent optical clarity and strong weather resistance. So it’s perfect for outdoor ceremonies and events. Clear acrylic sheets are also a cheaper, lighter and safer alternative to glass, saving your business considerable money for an almost identical look.

5. Playground Equipment

A lot of family-oriented hotels and certain restaurants, such as RSL clubs, offer playground equipment for kids. Using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), we can custom-make a range of plastic products for playgrounds.

For example, we recently created colourful giant LEGO blocks and tractor parts for a playground in Golden Bay, Western Australia. The top of the blocks were machined to form a non-slip checker plate, providing additional safety for kids. HDPE is an excellent plastic to use for playground equipment, because it has impressive impact and abrasion resistance and minimum water absorption. So it’s more durable and weather-proof than other materials.

6. Leaflet Dispensers & Business Card Holders

Plastic is ideal for creating leaflet dispensers and business card holders for your hospitality business. They offer a cheap and long-lasting way to professionally advertise your own company or affiliated companies. Hotels in particular can utilise plastic leaflet dispensers to display discount coupons and brochures from nearby attractions and restaurants.

7. Signage

Custom plastic signage is an excellent way to promote your hotel, restaurant or bar with your own unique style and personality. We’ve been creating bespoke signage for businesses for a number of years. We use a variety of plastic types, from LED acrylic plexiglass and corflute to crystal-clear acrylic. All of these are ideal for indoor and outdoor usage.

Want to learn more about the different types of custom plastic signage available at BCJ Plastic Products? Check out our dedicated signage page showcasing some of our recent projects.

8. Sneeze Guards & Barrier Screens

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has made implementing plastic sneeze guards and barrier screens mandatory for hospitality businesses. Using acrylic, we custom-make sneeze guards and barriers for a variety of businesses and uses, including ice-cream parlours, hotel receptions and serving areas in restaurants.

Acrylic sneeze guards offer a higher level of scratch resistance, durability and longevity than glass. We can create bespoke freestanding and fixed sneeze guards that can be easily modified to include openings. We’re even happy to visit your place of business to take measurements and ensure the barrier fits perfectly.


Do you need custom plastic products and hospitality supplies for your business? Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477.

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