Interesting Plastic Products & Types: How Plastic is Used in Events & Theatre

Actors and scriptwriters may steal the spotlight, but when it comes to planning, preparation and props, plastic products take centre stage. Plastics have actually emerged as a valuable material within the performing arts sphere. At BCJ Plastic Products, we’re always open-minded when it comes to new projects, and lately, events and theatre have become a bit of a specialty.

Do you require plastic products for your events business or theatre? Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477 for expert plastic fabrication in Perth. Read on for a glimpse of our latest work within the events and theatre industry.


Props bring a performance to life and arm actors with on-stage accessories they can see, touch and interact with. Tough and durable, plastics offer a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to manufacturing custom props.

If you’ve ever seen a touring Broadway or West End show, chances are it was filled with plastic props. Plastic products have helped bring to life some of the biggest shows in theatre history, from Wicked and Matilda to The Lion King and The Phantom of the Opera.


From international tours by self-help gurus like Jordan Peterson to corporate conferences and industry seminars, lecterns transport an empty stage into a well-equipped platform for speeches and presentations.

With exceptional strength and clarity, acrylic is the material of choice for manufacturing lecterns. Acrylic is ultra-smooth and easy to sanitise after use, making it ideal for maintaining best-practice hygiene standards. Clear acrylic is also shatterproof, which makes it a safer alternative to glass.


Signage plays a critical role in capturing the attention of an audience and getting them excited for what’s to come. We’re constantly filling orders for custom signage in the events and theatre industry.

Scratch-resistant and transparent, acrylic poster holders are a simple yet effective way to advertise your event. For high-end events, consider upgrading to custom acrylic signage with laser-cut detail. Love to pose with cut-outs of your favourite movie characters at the cinema? Chances are they’ve been created using ultra-rigid fluted polypropylene, also known as Corflute.


Industry-leading materials like Perspex® have a global reach. The cast acrylic sheet has been used to manufacture sets for major feature films, such as the James Bond and Harry Potter series. Perspex® has clearly earned the tick of approval from the likes of Chris Columbus and Sam Mendes

Plastics also have a special place in the hearts of Star Wars buffs, with materials like High-Density Polyethylene and ABS used to mould iconic props like Storm Trooper armour and helmets.

Creative Arts

This striking Blue Tree created using CNC-machining technology is one of our latest art projects. It was machined using H.D.P.E, a highly rigid material that’s usually used for engineering, tank construction and wastewater projects. In this case, it stepped up as a creative medium for a beautiful prop.


Do you require plastic products for your events business or theatre? Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477 for expert plastic fabrication in Perth.

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