Guardian Bio-Safe Module

The COVID-19 testing procedures are often the first physical point of contact between medical staff and patients, bringing with it an inherent threat of transmission.

The Guardian Bio-safe Module is designed to protect healthcare professionals and patients

Patients simply enter a walk-in testing booth that allows medical staff to test the patient from the safety of a secure self-contained module.

The bio-safe module is equipped with a number of tools to protect medical care professions including:

  • Laboratory-graded seamless gloves that are accessed from outside the module.
  • Direct safe communications using an intercom system.
  • Lighting to assess the physical condition of the patient.
  • Ability to utilise a doctor’s stethoscope in a non-contact, protective way.

Through these tough times for our friends on the East Coast, here is a project we worked on with Guardian Bio-Safe Module, proudly made in Western Australia.

Approved by Therapeutic Goods Administration, designed to protect health care professionals and patients.


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