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Elevating Critical Training Aid Simulators with TraumaSim

In the realm of modern education and training, simulation plays an integral role in preparing people for real-world challenges. Whether it’s training pilots for complex flight manoeuvres, helping medical professionals refine their surgical skills, or preparing military personnel for high-pressure scenarios, simulators offer a safe and controlled environment for honing essential skills.

One WA company that stands out in the field of supporting critical training aid simulators is the TraumaSim Group. Established in 2008, TraumaSim have been providing medically accurate products and services designed to simulate realistic wounds, injuries and medical conditions that assist in the training and assessment of medics, first responders and healthcare professionals around the globe.

TraumaSim products are meticulously crafted and produced in Perth, providing a bespoke service for creating precise wounds, injuries, medical scenarios, or task trainers according to the unique needs of their clients. BCJ Plastic Products takes great pride in its partnership with TraumaSim, particularly in the joint effort to create the Haemorrhage Control Simulator.

“We take pride in our collaboration with local businesses, and the BCJ Plastic Products team has proven to be accommodating and adaptable when it comes to designing new products. The resulting products consistently demonstrate exceptional quality!” expressed TraumaSim Founder and Managing Director Nola Pearce.

Every trauma training scenario is unique, and BCJ Plastic Products recognises this fact. We work closely with TraumaSim to understand their specific requirements and ensure their products stand up to the challenges of being used in real life settings.

The Haemorrhage Control Simulator is a realistic, robust training aid for teaching and practicing the most critical and difficult of external haemorrhages – junctional wounds. It has been used by Defence Forces, Special Operations, Medics, Police, Paramedics, Emergency Responders, First Aid Trainers, Fire and Rescue services, Hospitals and Universities around the globe. This durable, easy to use and realistic simulator is a critical training aid for any professional delivering lifesaving first aid training, which allows students to train through repetition, and gain both confidence and competence.

With over 40 years’ experience manufacturing quality plastic products, the team at BCJ Plastic Products have worked closely with many artists, engineers, educators and professionals from various sectors, and are confident we have the know how to bring your vision to life.

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