Why Sneeze Guards & Protective Barriers Are Important for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus

Created from high-quality acrylic or glass, sneeze guards and protective barriers are a common sight in buffet restaurants. With the growing Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic causing people around the world to protect themselves from infection, sneeze guards are now becoming a necessity in supermarkets and grocery stores.

CNN recently reported that Walmart, Kroger and Whole Foods in the USA are now adding sneeze guards to checkout lanes. As this health crisis continues around the globe, and even after it has passed, these previously niche products will become permanent fixtures in many businesses.

Why Should You Have a Sneeze Guard?

Sneeze guards and plastic barriers offer valuable protection for workers. Acrylic sneeze guards are virtually unbreakable, scratch resistant and built for longevity. Having a protective barrier is also useful for deterring would-be thieves.

During this troubling time, it’s positive to see a lot of businesses out there taking hygiene more seriously. Protecting ourselves and our customers from disease and infection should always be a high priority. Those businesses committing time and money to do this should be lauded for their efforts.

How does a sneeze guard protect us? A sneeze guard prevents germs from passing from person to food or person to person via sneezing and coughing. Common colds and dangerous cases of flu and viruses are spread through coughing and sneezing, including Coronavirus. This is why it’s even more important to recognise this simple way we can limit the spread of viral diseases.

Where Can You Buy a Sneeze Guard?

At BCJ Plastic Products, manufacturing sneeze guards and plastic barriers is a relatively fast and easy process. Most of the guards we make on-site are fabricated to client size and shape specifications. We create freestanding and fixed sneeze guards, which can easily be modified to include openings of any size for accepting deliveries, documents or other goods.

When it comes to specific shapes and sizes, we’re also happy to visit your business to take the measurements and ensure your protective barrier fits perfectly.

What size is ideal? When it comes to height, a sneeze guard should be tall enough for the average customer, so between 1.5 and 1.8 metres tall. Obviously, it can be shorter if it’s fitted onto a raised surface, such as a checkout counter at a supermarket.

And what about the material? While some businesses are using glass barriers, we prefer acrylic as a lighter alternative that’s also economically friendly.

We are all doing the best we can to get through this challenging time. Businesses throughout Australia are doing whatever they can to stay open and protect their staff and customers. Three-metre gaps are being enforced in waiting for lines and customers are having to order and pay online before picking up their food away from staff. Fortunately, in a world of social distancing, a little bit of plastic is helping us access the necessities and stay healthy.

While some businesses are able to close, others must stay open to provide what’s been deemed an “essential” service to the country. If you’re one of these companies, we can create and deliver your sneeze guard or plastic barrier quickly and for a reasonable price.

Why Choose BCJ Plastic Products for Your Sneeze Guard?

  • Custom-fabricated sneeze guards made with high-quality acrylic
  • High transparency, durability and scratch resistance
  • On-site measuring if required
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Obligation-free quotes
  • Counter and wall mounting if required

Get a free quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477.

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