What is a CNC Machine & How Does It Work?

Manufacturing premium-quality plastic products calls for state-of-the-art equipment, a philosophy that’s at the heart of our Perth-based fabrication company, BCJ Plastics. The latest addition to the BCJ Plastics workhorse inventory is a CNC machine.

It’s a high-precision tool that uses computer-generated code to carry out instructions. Short for Computer Numerical Control, CNC machines have become a staple in leading plastic manufacturing workshops around the world.

Do you require plastic products for your business or home? Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477. Whether your order calls for the cutting-edge CNC Machine or is more of a hands-on job, our team is dedicated to creating premium-quality products at competitive prices.

Elevated accuracy and precision

In the BCJ Plastics workshop, the computer-controlled CNC machine allows our team to complete bespoke orders that require high levels of accuracy and precision. The machine is used to cut, carve and engrave plastic materials, as well as create 3D products. Used in conjunction with thermoforming technology, CNC machines provide a lightning-fast turnaround and high-quality plastic parts.

The key mechanism is a powerful oscillating knife system that allows our team to process tough plastics, as well as other materials, such as wood, composites and aluminium. The CNC machine also slices through X-Board, graphic foam board, EPS, corrugated cardboard, gasket materials, rubber, cork, felt, wood and leather.

Unlocking big savings

As well as heightened precision and accuracy, one of the major benefits of the CNC machine is the capacity to reduce waste and errors. The computer-controlled machine effortlessly cuts, carves and engraves with zero risk of human error.

It also slashes the time required to create parts from start to finish. BCJ Plastics passes on these savings to customers, which means you enjoy premium-quality plastic products at the best prices.

Years of experience with CNC machining in Perth

With more than 40 years of experience, BCJ Plastics operates across a wide range of industries. CNC machining in Perth has allowed us to expand our scope and offer more variety, precision and accuracy than ever before. Our CNC machine is used to manufacture everything from plastic caravan and boat parts to transparent thermoform domes used in art installations.

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