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Perspex® Royals

Perspex® Royals is a range of luxurious and richly coloured acrylic sheets designed to bring a regal and sophisticated touch to any space. It features a selection of jewel-like tones that provide a high-quality and vibrant appearance for various applications, including signage, retail displays, and interior design. The range offers excellent optical clarity and durability, making it a popular choice for designers and architects looking to create elegant and high-end design elements.


Can be purchased in full sheets OR we offer a cut-to-size service. We also can radius the corners and scrape or cut to a shape/pattern.


Available colour:

  • A choice of six regal colours


Available thickness and size:

  • 3.0mm thick X 3050 X 2030mm only



  • 12weeks (MIQ 4 sheets)
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