Need a new Dome or Skylight after a Hailstorm?

The weather in Australia can be anything but kind sometimes. Fires, flooding and hailstorms often cause mayhem across the country, leaving homes and businesses in disarray, or worse.

Our thoughts go out to those who have suffered during these freak natural disasters. Fortunately, for those hit by hailstorms, there are multiple options for recovering from the damage.

For instance, you can easily overcome the issue of a damaged or destroyed dome or skylight in your home or business by contacting BCJ Plastic Products, where we make every custom dome to size. Using durable plastics, such as acrylic and polycarbonate, we can provide a tailor-made dome to replace any that you’ve lost.

Simply tell us the specific dimensions you’re after (including the height of the dome or skylight) and if the dome needs to have a flange. We’ll get to work right away, creating a brand-new dome or skylight for your business or home.

You can go to the BCJ Plastic Products website to see examples of domes we’ve created before or send us photos of your current domes through our enquiry page.

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