Custom Boat Windscreens: Durable, Stylish & Made for You

Nothing says “summer” quite like cruising through crystal-clear waters in a luxury yacht or compact bowrider. Boats are Western Australia’s favourite way to enjoy the sunshine, coastal scenery and quality time with family and friends. Safety, comfort and style go hand in hand when boating. That’s why premium quality custom boat windscreens are our specialty.

Strength and durability are both top priorities when it comes to boat window screens. And let’s not forget about clarity, brilliance and of course, aesthetics. Working with both independent owners and bulk manufacturers, we know how to fabricate the ideal boat windscreens for specific vessels. As one of the biggest boat windshield manufacturers in Perth, we pride ourselves on designing the best custom boat windscreens for our customers.

Are you looking for custom boat windscreens in Perth? Browse some of our previous projects in the marine industry and discover more about the boat windshield fabrication process.

Why Choose Custom Boat Windscreens

While Australian best sellers like the Haines Hunter and the Caribbean 35 are a dime a dozen, it’s not always easy to find prefabricated windscreens. If you don’t own a popular model, the search can become even more difficult.

This is where custom boat windscreen manufacturing steps up. Highly skilled individuals are able to manufacture top-notch and affordable boat windscreens. These are expertly designed to complement the unique shape and contours of your boat. Here are some reasons why customisation matters:

1. Aerodynamics

Without a streamlined fit, you’re compromising the aerodynamics of your boat. Not only does this mean your boat travels slower, but it also consumes more fuel.

2. Safety

Our custom boat windscreens in Perth are specially designed to complement your boat. As one of the top boat windshield manufacturers in the state, we always put safety first. And safety comes down to durability, consistency and visibility, which are all guaranteed with our boat windshields.

3. Aesthetics

Why subject your favourite toy to a botch job when you could keep things sleek and stylish with a custom boat window screen? When you commission a bespoke windscreen, you’re investing in a product that complements your boat and doesn’t compromise on style.

What You Need from Your Boat Windscreens

From speedboats to luxury catamarans, all vessels endure their fair share of abuse in a marine environment. As well as being exposed to harsh UV rays, boat windscreens in Perth need to stand up against salt spray, wind and moisture. Here are a few key factors to look for when choosing a boat windshield:

1. Clarity

Clarity is important. Firstly, it allows skippers to navigate with ease. However, it also lets you better admire the beautiful seascapes that boating reveals.

2. Strength

Slamming down onto waves can put boat windscreens under incredible stress and pressure. This is why it’s critical to choose a material that can stand up to tough marine environments.

3. Durability

UV rays, saltwater, wind, rain and even frost are just some of the elements boat windscreens are exposed to regularly. At BCJ Plastic Products, we believe in building high-quality and affordable boat windscreens that can endure the harshest conditions. When you commission a custom windscreen with us, you can take to the water with total peace of mind.

Why Plastic is the Best Material for Boat Windows

The BCJ warehouse is stocked with best-in-class plastics that we use to create boat windscreens in Perth. Our plastics are ultra-tough and cost effective, so they’re ideal for manufacturing affordable boat windscreens. Here’s a look at some of the best materials for boat windows:


Polycarbonate is more than 250 times stronger than glass and offers outstanding UV resistance. It also boasts excellent resistance to high-impact force. These three aspects make it perfect for manufacturing boat windscreens in Australia. Polycarbonate is also extremely affordable and is a great option for budget windscreens in Perth.

Cast Acrylic

Cast acrylic (commonly known as Perspex®) is manufactured using moulded MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer) liquid set in warm water. As such, it’s available in a variety of thicknesses, colours and tints. It weighs 50-percent less than glass, yet offers 10 times more impact resistance. Incredible clarity and weather resistance make it one of the best plastics for boat windscreens in Australia.

Clear Pressed Polished Coated Vinyl

Clear pressed polished coated vinyl is a marine-grade window material with a transparent thermoplastic vinyl base coated with a protective barrier. It’s highly flexible and ultra-resistant to scratches, and can be easily rolled away when not in use. One of the best materials for boat windows, it’s also resistant to corrosive chemicals, including sunscreen, fuel vapour and cleaning products.

Are you looking for affordable boat window screens in Perth? Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477 for expert service and plastic fabrication advice. We’re one of the top boat windshield manufacturers in Perth and we look forward to proving it.

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