BCJ on the sustainable racetrack

BCJ Plastic Products is proud to have helped a Perth-based electric motorcycle racing team achieve their goals while pushing the boundaries of sustainable transport.

The O’Hanlon Electric Motorsports entry for the 2014 eFX Championship is Voltron Evo – a 184 horsepower, 260 km/h, all-electric superbike. Built by Chris Jones and piloted by WA supersport racer, Danny Pottage, Voltron Evo is a formidable machine. The team sponsor, Mike O’Hanlon has plans to build and race more electric performance machines.

The O’Hanlon Electric Motorsports sponsored bike has performed well so far, winning all four races at Queensland Raceway at the end of June. The next race is at Winton Raceway in August. More details can be found at evmotorcycle.org and www.efxc.com.au

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