6 Creative Plastic Sign Designs & Styles

Creative sign designs are an important part of any business or event. It’s our belief that office signage or signs at weddings or corporate events shouldn’t just serve as informational. They should have their own style that complements your business or celebration.

With that in mind, we’ve found six creative signs that stand out with eye-catching designs. From corflute signs to acrylic signs, no matter what you’re working with, today we’re praising the most inventive plastic sign designs.

Light-Up Meeting Room Sign

Simple yet effective is a great way to summarise this sign. Acrylic is a great conductor of light, which makes it perfect for a sign like this one. All you need is an LED light strip at the base and the acrylic will do the rest.

What we love about this design is the ability to change lighting depending on the room’s occupancy. Red lighting when the meeting room is being used and green lighting when it’s free. Absolutely top-notch sign design from these folks.

Gold Coast Marathon Finish Line

You don’t often see corflute used for signs of this size. Still, it’s one of the best options, thanks to its lightweight design and durability in sunlight and wet weather. Corflute signs are also incredibly cheap and easy to cut to size and shape specifications.

Real estate companies often use cheap corflute signs and corflute sign printing for advertising. However, this corflute sign was particularly innovative. Not only did it mark the finish line of the 2010 Gold Coast Marathon, but it also offered space for paid sponsors.

At BCJ Plastic Products, we actually specialise in corflute sign printing and cheap corflute signs. Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477 to chat about your signage needs.

Custom A2 Portrait Poster Holder

This custom A2 portrait poster holder is one of our designs! It was created by folding clear acrylic plastic using a strip heater. This gave it a very professional and sleek appearance.

Acrylic is fantastic for office signage or poster holders. It’s highly scratch resistant and is a lighter and more durable alternative to glass. We’re also able to cut acrylic into unique shapes using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology. We made this one for The West Australian newspaper, but it could be easily customised for your business.

Acrylic Block Lettering with Purpose

Bar Rojo seems to have mastered the elegance of acrylic lettering. This custom sign incorporates striking block letting with what appears to be frosted Perspex® acrylic.

The matte finish offers a contemporary style that pairs perfectly with the blood-red backdrop and reflected lighting. Acrylic is also 17 times more impact resistant compared to glass. So they won’t be needing to replace their signage anytime soon.

Acrylic Tables with Branding

Sometimes the best office signage isn’t a sign at all. We had to really think outside the box for this project. Can you believe that these are actually coffee tables? Yep, we fabricated acrylic plastic into a set of tables with the K West Haulage logo as the tabletop.

Not only are they completely functional, but they also offer K West Haulage excellent branding opportunities. If you’re interested in doing the same for your business or something completely different, give us a bell. We’re open to all kinds of creative sign designs and out-of-the-box branding.

Acrylic Wedding Sign

Last but not least, we love the combination of elements in this sign design. The clear acrylic plastic offers incredible optical clarity and scratch resistance. This allows the greenery behind the sign to stand out. It also draws more attention to the wooden easel and the cursive-style lettering. All of these elements come together to create an eye-catching and effective wedding sign.



Creative Plastic Sign Designs at BCJ Plastic Products

Do you need custom sign designs or office signage in Perth? Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477 for expert service and plastic fabrication.

Remember, the design of your sign is just as important as what’s written on it!

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