10 Visual Merchandising Techniques to Attract More Customers

Visual merchandising is a general term for the elements included in creating a retail space that encourages a customer to enter and then make a purchase. Through the use of simple visual merchandising techniques, such as custom shopfittings, sign designs and music, a business can better present their brand and engage potential customers.

Here are 10 techniques you can employ to help attract more customers and produce more sales.

1. Interior Displays

This involves using the design of the interior space to capture the customer’s attention and keep them engaged with your merchandise. The aesthetic standard of the interior premises’ design will directly affect the customer’s purchasing behaviours. This includes merchandise display, shopfitting, point-of-purchase display, sign designs and flow of the space.

2. Store Layout

The way you lay out your shopfittings should encourage a customer to peruse the entire store and view all available merchandise. There are popular layout templates often used, including the racetrack, free form and grid layouts. An important element of this is the ‘transition zone’, or the entrance to the store. This zone should provide the customer with a strong sense of the brand’s aesthetic and invite them to explore further.

3. Point of Purchase Display

Displays should be uncluttered, easy to access and have a good range of merchandise. The principle of ‘less is more’ applies here. Customers also need to be able to physically engage with the product to form an emotional connection. Items at eye level will traditionally receive more attention.

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4. Mannequins

Mannequins are a common shopfitting tool used by apparel retailers to display their clothing and accessories in their windows. It’s important to consider the mindset of your target market when using mannequins. Studies have shown that customers will be heavily influenced by the shape of the mannequin’s body and their facial features when deciding if they align with the brand.

5. Bundling

This is the strategy of displaying objects that work together alongside each other. For example, showing complete outfits on mannequins or advertising barbecue utensils alongside BBQs. It allows customers to visualise themselves achieving a look or an activity and typically leads to increased sales.

6. Atmospherics

This is the technique of using elements such as music and scents to produce a consistent ambience in the store. These elements can positively influence the customer’s mood and purchasing behaviours.

7. Light

The way lighting is used can affect how customers move through your store and their purchasing behaviours. Bright lights make a space feel positive and upbeat. They’ve also been shown to alter how long a person will spend in a store. Physically flattering lighting in fitting rooms can also make a substantial difference in purchasing behaviours.

8. Signage

Shop fittings and signage are a vital part of creating an inviting aesthetic. From external signage, laser etching and LED lightboxes to interior wayfinders, the design sets the tone and assists customers in navigating your merchandise.

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9. Music

The music played in a space says a lot about a brand’s identity and who they consider their target market. If a customer hears an artist they enjoy, they are more likely to stay in the store for longer. Slow-tempo music can also make a customer relax, which might lead to longer perusal times and more contact with the merchandise.

10. Exterior Displays

The exterior of your business is the first impression of the store and your brand. An innovative and eye-catching display will draw your customers in and invite them into the store. Sign design plays an important part in this.


Visual Merchandising Solutions at BCJ Plastic Products

Visual merchandising is the art of using shopfittings, signage and other atmospherics to create an environment that attracts customers and boosts sales. Do you need help employing it in your retail business? Contact BCJ Plastic Products for advice on affordable shelving, creative displays and signage.

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