Why Perspex® Acrylic is Better Than Glass

Stronger, lighter and more resilient than glass, Perspex® Acrylic has earned its place in plastic fabrication workshops across Australia. Not only does superior strength make Perspex® a safer alternative to glass, it’s also tougher and more durable.

In its purest form, Perspex® offers exceptional clarity, almost identical to the transparency of glass. It’s also easy to form and fabricate, making it an incredibly versatile material for manufacturing anything from plastic screens to outdoor furniture.

What are common uses for Perspex®? Read on for the BCJ Plastic Products guide to Perspex® Acrylic, including its uses, benefits and applications.

What is Perspex® Acrylic?

Perspex® Acrylic is one of the strongest and most durable plastic products on the market. So, is Perspex® the same as acrylic? Essentially, yes. As well as Perspex®, you might also see the material referred to as acrylic, plexiglass or acrylic glass.

It also has a number of trade names, including Crylux, Acrylite, Astariglas, Perclax and Lucite. Here at BCJ Plastic Products, we think Perspex® offers the highest quality, which is why we use the brand for all our acrylic glass applications.

What Are the Uses of Perspex®?

Perspex® Acrylic is an incredibly versatile material and is used across a wide range of industries and applications. We extensively use Perspex® to create signage, fit out retail stores and design architectural features. Perspex® is also great for custom projects, including furniture.

One of the biggest concerns people have about Perspex® is whether it will fade in sunlight. Fortunately, Perspex® is highly resistant to UV and fading, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications.

More than just an industrial material, Perspex® is also favoured by Hollywood set producers. When you commission a Perspex® project, you’re using the same materials featured on film sets, such as James Bond and Harry Potter. If it’s good enough for Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Ian McKellen, it gets the seal of approval from us.

Our Best-Selling Perspex® in Perth

Perspex® Fluorescent

Engineered by Perspex®, this material has a fluorescent edge that appears to glow with its own light source. It’s available as Perspex® cut to size and is available in a rainbow of colours, so it’s ideal for creating striking visual displays.

Perspex® Spectrum

Engineered for the signage industry, Perspex® Spectrum is made from cast acrylic sheet and uses light diffusing technology to maintain a consistent colour, even under LEDs.

Perspex® Frost

Featuring a double-sided matt surface, Perspex® Frost is inspired by the aesthetic of etched glass. It’s available as Perspex® cut to size in more than 20 colours, ranging from rich earthy tones to bright pastels.

Perspex® Natural

Suitable for fabrication and thermoforming, the Perspex® Natural range complements organic materials, such as wood, brick, stone and concrete. Perspex® Natural is the choice of those wanting to use Perspex® outside The natural range is inspired by the elements and built to withstand rain, sunlight and everything in between.

Perspex® Pearlescent

Single-sided Perspex® Pearlescent uses reflected light and metallic components to create a lustrous finish. As always, we love custom projects and are happy to cut Perspex® to size depending on your requirements.

Perspex® Royals

Perspex® Royals offers all the ultra-tough physical properties of standard cast acrylic sheet elevated with a bold colour palette inspired by the unique needs of the retail industry. Easy to shape and style, we provide this Perspex® cut to size primarily for attention-grabbing product displays.

Perspex® vs Glass

We’re often asked about why we use Perspex® instead of glass. Not only is clear Perspex® lightweight and shatter-resistant, it boasts exceptional optical clarity. Perspex® Acrylic also offers 92-percent light transmission, which makes it more transparent than glass.

Perspex® is also stronger than glass. Most cast acrylic offers 17-times more impact resistance than glass. Finally, Perspex® is weather resistant, with impressive durability that sets the standard above glass.

We’re also regularly quizzed on the thermal properties of Perspex®, particularly when it’s being used in place of glass windows. In fact, Perspex® is a really good insulator. It actively stops cold or hot air from escaping or infiltrating a space, making it ideal for energy efficiency.


Are you interested in purchasing Perspex® sheets or custom Perspex® in Perth? Get a quote online or call us on (08) 9353 3477.

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