Surprising ABS Plastic Applications

ABS plastic stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It is a thermoplastic material, meaning that it liquefies, rather than burn at high temperature. This means that ABS plastic can be melted, made into any form, then re-melted and turned into something else. And this specific property is the explanation for the various ABS plastic applications.


It is a highly versatile material, which allows various finishes, from glossy to leather grain or sandblast. Some of the main properties of ABS plastic are:

  • Resistance to impact
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Rigid
  • Printable.


ABS plastic is deemed a safe material, as it does not contain carcinogens. However, it is not recommended for medical devices.


What Is ABS Plastic Used For?

Now that you know some of the most important characteristics of this material, let us discover some surprising ABS plastic applications.


  1. Household Appliances

Did you know that your shaver, vacuum cleaner or food processor is made of ABS plastic? Its low water absorbency recommends it as a great choice for these products, which usually get in contact with water when you use them and clean them.


  1. Keyboards

Computer keyboards are among the greatest examples of ABS plastic applications. The ability to print and the various types of finishes (grainy or shiny) allow companies to produce keyboards suitable for all typing styles. The resistance to impact is also a bonus feature – as keyboards tend to get dropped on the floor sometimes.


  1. Protective Headgear

The helmets all construction site workers must wear is made of ABS plastic. It offers excellent protection from mechanical shocks and does not get damage if paint or other construction materials get spilled on it.


  1. Musical Instruments

Here is one of the most creative of all the ABS plastic applications. Your favorite band may be playing on keyboards made of ABS. The material ensures good resistance to wear and tear, especially if your favorite music has an alert rhythm.


  1. LEGO Pieces

Almost everyone loves LEGO. These apparently simple building blocks unleash children’s and adults’ creativity and allow them to craft miniature worlds, from medieval castles to spaceships. And, guess what? LEGOs are made of ABS plastic, a high endurance material that can be made in every possible color.


  1. Sporting Equipment

Many pieces of gym equipment contain ABS plastic. Handles for elliptical bikes or treadmills are usually made of this material, because it offers a good grip, does not absorb moisture and has a high rigidity.


  1. Nebulizers

Last on our list of surprising ABS plastic applications is the nebulizer – the device used by people to inhale specific medicines. Although ABS plastic is not recommended for medical devices that will go inside the human body, it is safe and approved for making nebulizers.


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