Sneeze Guards

A sneeze guard is your first point of protection from the COVID-19 pandemic. Sneeze guards are also one of the first pieces of post-COVID infrastructure that businesses need to implement if they hope to reopen to the public. Not only do these hygiene screens protect your staff and customers from airborne diseases, but they’re also becoming a requirement for businesses in this new COVID consumer landscape.

Types of Hygiene Screens at BCJ

  • High-grade plastic sneeze guard
  • Acrylic/Plexiglass/Perspex sneeze guard
  • Polycarbonate sneeze guard
  • Free-standing sneeze guard
  • Fixed sneeze guard
  • Custom sneeze guard

Why Choose BCJ for Your Sneeze Guard?

  • Manufacturing sneeze guards, shield barriers and hygiene screens is a fast and cost-effective process.
  • Each sneeze guard is fabricated to your size and shape specifications, catering to your business’s point of sale.
  • We can create a free-standing sneeze guard or a fixed sneeze guard.
  • Every sneeze guard can be modified to include openings of any size.
  • We can visit your business to take measurements and ensure your hygiene screen fits perfectly.
  • We create a high-quality Perspex screen that’s more durable, cost-friendly and scratch resistant than glass.
  • We provide obligation-free quotes on sneeze guards and shield barriers.

How Do Sneeze Guards Work?

A sneeze guard prevents germs from passing from person to food or person to person via sneezing and coughing. Common colds and dangerous flus and viruses are spread through coughing and sneezing, including Corona virus.

How We Make Our Sneeze Guards

How do you make a sneeze guard? At BCJ Plastic Products, we typically use high-grade acrylic plastic to make either Plexiglass or Perspex screens. A Perspex barrier is more scratch resistant and transparent than other plastics. It is also a lighter alternative to glass and more economic than polycarbonate. Thanks to the high-grade acrylic available at BCJ, our hygiene screens are custom fabricated using modern laser cutting technology. This allows us to create individual shield barriers for a variety of purposes and businesses, no matter the shape or size. We can also create fixed or free-standing sneeze guards using acrylic as the base.

Our sneeze guards are available in Standard Isolation Screen Sizes (made from 6mm clear acrylic and 10mm clear acrylic feet):

  • 900mm long x 900mm high with 2 x support feet made from acrylic 10mm
  • 1200mmlong x 600mm high with 2 x support feet made from acrylic 10mm
  • 1200mm long x 800mm high with 2 x support feet made from acrylic 10mm
  • 1500mm long x 600mm high with 2 x support feet made from acrylic 10mm
  • 2420mm long x 600mm high with 3 x support feet made from acrylic 10mm

Each screen comes with eftpos cut (Can be removed if not Required)

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