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Customised Lighting Diffusers

  • Prismatic Sheet is used extensively as a diffuser in lighting applications, with its most popular use being as a diffuser for fluorescent lighting.
  • With a variety of light output ratios and glare ratings, our light diffusers are great to control brightness in general offices, clinical facilities, retail areas, schools and anywhere else where soft light is preferred.
  • At BCJ Plastic Products, we offer a customised service for Prismatic Diffuser in K12, K15 and K19 patterns.  Whilst most applications require only a cut to size, BCJ Plastics is also equipped to bend and form diffuser to meet your specific need.
  • The K12 prismatic lighting panel features a 4.75mm square base and a female conical prism placed on a 45° axis, resulting in a high level of visual comfort.
  • The K15 prismatic lighting panel with a bold, 9.52mm square base and female conical prism provides excellent efficiency and direct glare control, while maintaining a high level of visual comfort and is excellent in large areas.
  • The K19 is an acrylic prismatic lighting panel with a 4.75 square base male conical prism, and is designed to control and direct fluorescent and HID lighting.
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