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Light diffusers are important for transmitting soft light and are often used in maintenance companies, schools, hospitals, office blocks, train stations and prisons, where soft light is preferred. Polycarbonate sheets and films are typically used for light diffusers, due to their good light transmission, heat and impact resistance and diffusion of LED hotspots.

Polycarbonate Typical Properties

  • Light transmission of 82% – 86%
  • Excellent inherent impact strength and toughness
  • High (DTUL) unreinforced (135 Deg. Cent.)
  • Maintenance of high rigidity at elevated temperatures
  • Excellent creep resistance even at elevated temperatures
  • Inherently has some flame retardancy
  • Good electrical properties
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Low water absorption
  • Continuous use temp. of 100 to 125 Deg. Cent.
  • Excellent acoustic properties

Skylights, meanwhile, are very beneficial for colder environments and for lowering the cost of electricity bills. They can reduce heating costs on cold days and lighting costs on sunny days. There’s also that added aesthetic effect of having your room filled with natural light. Acrylic is the most common plastic used when creating dome skylights, but you can also use Polycarbonate and Copolyester if you’re concerned about impact resistance. 

Not only do dome light covers create a softer edge to the aesthetic of your room, they also ensure an effective diffusion of light. Acrylic and Polycarbonate are commonly used to create dome light covers.

At BCJ Plastics, we’re well-versed in creating a range of light diffusers, skylights and dome light covers using high-grade plastics. This includes the popular K12 Clear Prismatic Acrylic Light Diffuser, which is often used in an office building to reduce the glare conservatories, shed windows and retail displays.

The cost of light diffusers, skylights and light covers can vary depending on the style and the purpose. If you’re interested in exploring your lighting options, get a quote online today.

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