Voltron Evo

BCJ on the sustainable racetrack

BCJ Plastics is proud to have helped a Perth-based electric motorcycle racing team achieve their goals, while pushing the boundaries of sustainable transport. The O’Hanlon Electric Motorsports entry for the 2014 eFX Championship is Voltron Evo – a 184 horsepower, 260 km/h, all-electric superbike. Built by Chris Jones and piloted by WA supersport racer, Danny

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Worker BCJ Plastic Products

BCJ moulds strategy to client needs

OSBORNE Park-based BCJ Plastics has survived four decades of change in the local manufacturing industry, but sales and research manager Tim Hartung said it was a move into boutique production that helped the company flourish. “It’s relating with the customer to show them what we can do, to show them the materials … it starts

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Perth's Leading Plastic Fabrication Company BCJ Plastic Products

Using Plastic to Reduce Cost and Downtime in Industry

Plastics are used extensively in different forms in mining, construction and manufacturing industries. However, the plastics used in these heavy duty industries need to meet certain quality specifications in order to ensure safety during operations. From the point of view of the industry, plastics need to meet two main requirements – cost effectiveness and durability.

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Giant Lego Tractor

BCJ – CNC & Fabricate Giant Lego Blocks

BCJ Plastics was engaged by Mulford Plastics to deliver these giant Lego blocks and Tractor parts for a playground in Golden Bay, Peel region. 20mm thick HDPE was used to create these colourful structures.Tim Hartung’s guidance converted this project from design to reality. The top of the blocks were machined to form an anti-slip checker plate,

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BCJ Plastic Products logo

Front Office Signage

BCJ Plastic Products have recently moved to new premises in Kewdale to 451 Belmont Avenue With a new larger office space it was only common sense to get our name out the front so with the help of Kris Stephenson owner of Fontworks Signage Solutions worked together to put in new BCJ Plastics Products sign

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Commercial Solar Energy

BCJ Plastics go Solar

BCJ Plastic Products go environmentally friendly to cut down their operating costs by going solar. With power being such a high cost in running the business, Owner Kim Green started researching which company could offer the best savings for the business through solar panels. Infinite Energy won the contract to go ahead with the installation

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