Creative Plastic Sign Designs & Styles

6 Creative Plastic Sign Designs & Styles

Creative sign designs are an important part of any business or event. It’s our belief that office signage or signs at weddings or corporate events shouldn’t just serve as informational. They should have their own style that complements your business or celebration. With that in mind, we’ve found six creative signs that stand out with

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Most Impact Resistant Plastic

What’s the Most Impact Resistant Plastic?

Impact resistance is one of the most important properties to consider when choosing durable plastic material. Just think about the amount of shock boat and truck panels are exposed to on a daily basis. Even common household items like refrigerator crispers need impact resistant plastic to avoid cracking or shattering. It clearly pays dividends to

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Custom Skylights in Perth

Custom Skylights in Perth: Best Designs & Materials

Natural light is one of the best ways to liven up a room. Research even suggests that natural light actively improves physical wellbeing, boosts productivity and enhances our mood. Custom skylights are not only a great way to allow more sunlight into a room, but also improve energy efficiency, especially in colder climates. BCJ Plastic

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light through Stack of different colours Cast Acrylic Sheet on white background BCJ Plastic Products

Buying Acrylic 101: What to Consider Before Purchasing

Lightweight, transparent and ultra-tough, acrylic is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. Engineered to replicate the brilliance and clarity of glass, the thermoplastic is made from PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) and offers outstanding strength and weather resistance. Acrylic is also the plastic of choice for numerous projects at BCJ Plastic Products.

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Custom Boat Windscreens BCJ Plastic Products

Custom Boat Windscreens: Durable, Stylish & Made for You

Nothing says “summer” quite like cruising through crystal-clear waters in a luxury yacht or compact bowrider. Boats are Western Australia’s favourite way to enjoy the sunshine, coastal scenery and quality time with family and friends. Safety, comfort and style go hand in hand when boating. That’s why premium quality custom boat windscreens are our specialty. Strength

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Sun Lounges BCJ Plastic Products

Why Perspex® Acrylic is Better Than Glass

Stronger, lighter and more resilient than glass, Perspex® Acrylic has earned its place in plastic fabrication workshops across Australia. Not only does superior strength make Perspex® a safer alternative to glass, it’s also tougher and more durable. In its purest form, Perspex® offers exceptional clarity, almost identical to the transparency of glass. It’s also easy

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