Acrylic Dome

BCJ Plastics manufactures Thermoforming Plastic Domes, Skylights & Light Diffusers for housing, diffuses, food containers, custom displays. Acrylic is widely used in high-pressure environments as a robust alternative to glass. It is extremely strong, lightweight, and can typically withstand more shock than glass before it breaks.

Acrylic domes can be used in many applications from playgrounds, safari parks, surveillance cameras, underwater devices, and more.

Acrylic Dome

How’s this for self-isolation some of our employees are going to great steps. This is an acrylic dome we did for a job, just by coincidence employee was in the right spot.

At BCJ Plastics, we’re well-versed in creating a range of light diffusers, skylights and dome light covers using high-grade plastics. This includes the popular K12 Clear Prismatic Acrylic Light Diffuser, which is often used in an office building to reduce the glare conservatories, shed windows and retail displays.

The cost of light diffusers, skylights and light covers can vary depending on the style and the purpose. If you’re interested in exploring your lighting options, get a quote online today.

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