3 Best Weatherproof Plastics for Outdoor Use

Australian weather can be harsh and unpredictable, with summers bringing blazing heat and winters promising everything from torrential rain to golf ball-sized hail. Outdoor plastics need to be tough enough to withstand these conditions, which is why here at BCJ Plastic Products, we only use the most durable plastics for outdoor projects, including domestic and household goods.

Want to know more? Here’s an overview of some of the toughest outdoor plastics on the market.

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From pool fencing and patio covers to backyard greenhouses, polycarbonate is used for a variety of outdoor fabrications. It’s one of the toughest weatherproof plastics on the market. It boasts excellent impact strength and resistance, as well as high rigidity at elevated temperatures.

Low water absorption also means that polycarbonate can withstand rain and snow, while high UV resistance makes it ideal for our Aussie sun. Polycarbonate is also 250 times stronger than glass, giving it serious safety and longevity credentials.


Like polycarbonate, acrylic is an excellent plastic for outdoor projects. The weatherproof plastic offers the same clarity and aesthetic appeal as glass, but with 17 times more impact resistance. This makes it ideal for building screens and fences or replacing panels for greenhouses and shed windows. The water-resistant plastic also wards off mould, moss and mildew.

Acrylic is resistant to salt, so it’s a good option for coastal and marine settings, such as boat parts. In terms of UV resistance, acrylic is a top performer and won’t crack or take on a yellow hue for decades.

These stylish sun lounges created for a boutique apartment complex in Perth are one of the latest examples of acrylic plastic furniture made here at BCJ Plastic Products. Designed to be semi-submerged in chlorinated water and exposed to 24/7 sunlight, the 55-kilogram sun lounges are made from milky white 20-millimetre UV plastic acrylic and fabricated with thermo moulding technology.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High impact resistance, excellent mechanical strength and abrasion resistance are just some of the qualities that make HDPE one of the best weatherproof plastics for outdoor use. HDPE is a popular UV plastic for manufacturing water tanks and is often seen on rural and off-the-grid properties.

HDPE is also a great candidate for decking, thanks to its soft and flexible properties reminiscent of wood, just without maintenance. You’ll also see HDPE used for fencing and plastic furniture, including outdoor table settings, sun lounges and patio sofas.

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